At TWIS, we specialise in providing our clients with a full range of high-quality language-related services in all the major European and Asian languages, notably English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EFIGS), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CCJK). Our services include translation, localisation, proofreading, and editing; interpreting, transcreation, linguistic and cultural consulting, copy adaptation, desktop publishing, transcription, voice-over, multilingual website design and optimisation, and technical writing.

To this end, we have a full insight into the markets we serve thanks to our thorough understanding of the nuances, idiosyncrasies, cultural subtleties and business practices of TWIS’ target markets.

By bridging linguistic and cultural gaps, we can help you reach the global market with culturally adapted multilingual knowledge, products and documents.

Full list of our services:

- Translation
- Localisation
- Proofreading and Editing
- Interpreting
- Transcreation
- Linguistic and Cultural Consulting
- Copy Adaptation
- Desktop Publishing
- Transcription
- Voice-over
- Multilingual Websites Design and Optimisation
- Technical Writing

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As we are well aware that translation is not simply a matter of changing words into another language, but of establishing cross cultural transfer, TWIS ensures that translations are always carried out by native speakers of the target language, who know how to phrase the message naturally in both their mother tongue and cultural context.

To achieve this, we implement the following translation workflow:

1. Source language analysis
2. Translation
3. Proofreading
4. QA

If necessary, we can offer a tailored package comprising one or more steps from the aforementioned workflow. Doing so enables us to deliver differing quality levels and to control costs for texts serving different purposes (from internal use only material to marketing content, through to highly sensitive documents.)

By following these steps, we ensure your translated products have the same impact on your clients as the originals would. Furthermore, TWIS has both the experience and the know-how to handle your most intricate translation projects, in fields ranging from marketing to information technology, through to technical, medical, and scientific texts.

Examples of supported projects:

• Websites
• Online documentation
• Printed documentation
• Training material
• Press releases
• Software


Localisation is the translation and adaptation of a product or content to the cultural requirements of a given market sector. TWIS offers a wide range of localisation services, from simple documents to software and websites.

Whatever the delivery dates, languages, platforms and requirements, TWIS will support the entire localisation process, from translation and engineering to DTP and QA. Our team will tackle all the obstacles that hinder the localisation of your product and make it both totally bug free and culturally accurate.

Proofreading and Editing

Our team is made up of experts in specific fields who have helped clients with their content proofreading and editing in a wide variety of subjects.

Whatever the requirements, the subjects or the audience you wish to reach, we will provide you with high-quality material, and ensure that it is mistake free and reads seamlessly.

The main aspects of our proofreading and editing services include:

• Typographical errors
• Grammatical mistakes
• Punctuation
• Subject-verb disagreements
• Sentence length
• Spelling
• Tenses
• Structure
• Organisation
• Audience appropriateness
• Cultural relevance


TWIS provides high-quality interpreting services for a range of situations from business meetings and conferences to training events and court proceedings. Our network of interpreters consists of professional linguists with at least 5 years of experience. In addition to professionals we can also provide interpreting facilities such as equipped conference rooms, booths, headphones, etc.

Types of interpreting services offered:

- Consecutive
- Simultaneous interpreting
- Whispering

Linguistic and Cultural Consulting

Before you embark on a market, you must consider having a linguistic/cultural consultant by your side, in order to ensure that the content, product name, and slogan are well received by and culturally acceptable to your target audience, and that they read as though they were originally created by a native speaker.


For truly creative pieces, translation needs to be taken a step further. This is where transcreation comes in. It involves entirely or partially recreating a concept from one language in another, and is usually applied to marketing material.

At TWIS, we are specialists in transcreation, and we can rely on a series of proven specific processes that help us achieve the intended impact on the targeted market segment in close cooperation with our clients.

Copy adaptation

Marketing material sometimes requires copy adaptation in addition to translation. After the translation process, we further adapt the language to guarantee that the message genuinely reaches the target audience and market for which it is designated.

Finding the right tone is key and the approach, word choice and syntax play a central role in this. In order to ensure that the reader grasps the conveyed message, we strive for linguistic fluency and a good rhythm by using words, expressions and references that are culturally relevant to the country or specific audience for which it is intended.

Multilingual Websites and Optimisation

Using the Internet to promote your activities is essential for any successful business. Our team of highly creative webmasters has the expertise to grasp the essence of your business and distil it into a high-impact product.

By customising the solution to your specific needs, we will guarantee that your business gets the appropriate publicity. In order to deliver a one-stop turnkey solution, we offer a multilingual version of your website through our weblation services, supporting not only linguistic matters but also ensuring the cosmetic aspects of your website are in line with the culture of the specific target market.

We also support all the publishing processes of your website, from design to hosting, as well as all subsequent updating.

Finally, we can offer multilingual optimisation services to make sure your website generates the expected leads and acts as your best marketing asset.


Our team delivers high-quality, cost-effective testing services to eliminate all defects from your applications, ensuring on-schedule release. With our in-depth testing methodology and outstanding testing tools, TWIS meets all of your testing needs, from test planning and test case design to test execution and project management.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing is the use of computers and specialist software to create electronic documents, such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc. At TWIS, we offer cost-competitive DTP services carried out by experienced partners.


TWIS also provides one-stop solutions for all types of transcription services: general, medical, business, and legal. We have wide experience in transcribing a vast array of recordings, from crystal clear to hardly recognizable content, in a variety of formats: digital audio, digital video, audio tapes, microcassettes, minidiscs, CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, MPEG, WMA, WAV, MOV, AVI, etc.

Technical Writing

Technical writing aims to explain technology to technical and non-technical audiences. It is used in a variety of fields, such as IT, chemistry, aerospace, finance, robotics, biotechnology, electronics, etc.

Our experienced technical writers compile data from field specialists and existing material to produce highly reliable, accurate and culturally relevant content in line with your requirements and those of your intended audience.

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