Our references

A few of our direct clients (*1):

"TWIS….great services, provided by a serious and dedicated team, at affordable rates!"

--- Owner, InterEuroDecor

"We asked TWIS to carry out some translation work from Italian to English. We have to say they did a really good job. The whole translation was very professionally done, and we received the project promptly."

--- Jia Youwei, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information, Sichuan University

"TWIS provide quality services, multiservice capacities and always meet deadlines."

--- Jacques Remacle, Managing Director, Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus

"1/ Fast response to projects, and high-quality English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation.
2/ Highly efficient in terms of both the project and communication, making our work run more smoothly.
3/ TWIS are professional, and its owner’s reputation always guarantees us a quick response and high-quality deliveries. We wish you a promising future."

"TWIS Translation Ltd offer a tremendous service. I have repeatedly called on their services, and all I can say is they are: fast, efficient, competitive in terms of their rates and, more importantly, listen to the customer."

--- Annie Sureda, Director, Arcos y Puentes

A few of our agency clients (*2):

"Our client was very impressed with the quality of the work and confirmed that it was superior to any other work they have had performed! They have specifically requested to use your services for any future work they may need. As you know, we as a company are only as good as the work provided to our clients by our vendors."

"This is to let you know that the European Commission gave your recent translation a very good evaluation. Many thanks for all your hard work on this project."

"By the way, our client said that the translation for XYZ was great! Thanks for your work!"

"The files look great, thank you for squeezing them in. We will absolutely keep you in mind for future projects, you have done a great job on this one."

"It's been a pleasant experience working with you. I'm indebted to XYZ that they recommended us to you."

"This client is extremely important and we’re expecting a lot of work from them coming in down the line, so it’s very important we get a quality job done with this. That’s why I am coming to you first."

"I just thought I would give some feedback on the translation services. I assume most of the West African countries’ reports were translated from French to English but I could not easily tell which I think means that the translation was good ."

(*1) Please note that some of these comments may be translations of comments written in another language than English, or originally written in English by non-native English speakers.

(*2) Please note that under most NDAs signed with other translation agencies we are not allowed to mention their names or project managers’ names. All references to clients, individuals and projects have therefore been deleted.