TWIS, your translation and localisation partner

Welcome to TWIS Translation LTD, your translation, localisation and globalisation partner. As a leading language service provider, our globalisation solutions enable businesses to enter markets with high-quality customised and localised products and services that meet the requirements of their target audiences.

Find out how we can offer you better quality while reducing your costs:

1/ Targeting: The cornerstone of our approach is to determine the public at whom your product is aimed, therefore giving priority to your target text and public while respecting the original.

2/ Customisation: This can be defined as our commitment to maintain a close relationship with our clients and review all projects in house so to guarantee an accurate result tailored to your needs and expectations. At TWIS, we listen, we learn, and we carefully control quality to give you the best possible final result.

3/ Cost-reduction and consistency: By using CAT tools (translation memories), we can leverage your previous translations, thus guaranteeing you total consistency from one project to the next, as well as a cost reduction.

With operations covering every time zone, we deliver high-quality turnkey translation and document solutions 24 hours a day.

Please feel free to test our quality with a 250-word sample, or simply request a quote or more information on our services here.